In today’s video, we’re doing a Hollyweed review video.

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  2. Lets say i was growing. And i had the lights on from 8am to 2 pm. And then i want to go into flowering. Would i switch off lights 3 hrs earlier and turn em on 3 hrs later? Or can i totally change the time schedule if i need some Temperature at night because summer ends real quick?

  3. It's always a delight to see you man 😂 , loving your struggle with opening that roll box.
    I love their aesthetics though, gonna try some of their stuff for sure.

  4. Got some Cannatonic from Resin and some Harlequin from Elev8 seeds to run. I've smoked both of them, and as a daily smoker of flower/grower I highly recommend both! I steer people toward the 1:1 strains because it really seems like you need a little THC for the THC and CBD to activate correctly and give you the greatest benefits of CBD.

  5. I don't know cbd In General whether I got it from the pharmacist, or the flower or whatever it's useless for me medically unless it's like 3% In A high thc bud. Does nothing for my insides or mental health. However if it works for you please take it, everyone is different when I comes to chemicals

  6. My wife used cbd every day during her treatment for bone marrow cancer. She just got her check up results after giving birth to our lovely daughter. 100% healthy for years now.
    Helped with getting pregnant, there was no need for IVF.
    Cbd is very beneficial, strains containing it along with the rest of the compounds are the best for your health.
    Support legalisation worldwide, so people can heal and ease their pain!

  7. What your explaining sounds like the legal weed that's on prescription here in Scotland,there's a slight citrusy smell nothing else,says 20%THC,no way is it 20%,I shoulda been baked after a blunt n three bongs, didn't really give that lift I'd expected,good for anxiety but still leaves the depression,medical weed sucks😂😂 I'll stick to growing my own✌️😎✌️

  8. I've got my CBD meds growing as we speak I'll throw up a couple pics when they go into flower very good for headaches anxiety etc being that I'm off of a few other meds since doing this CBDs the right way in my opinion as well awesome bed keep them up peace keep it green

  9. I say who smokes delta 8 are those who can't get the effects of delta 9 and who don't smoke like almost ever and want to have some for a weekend kinda deal. Over prolonged use I started getting headaches from it and had to switch back. Delta 8 is no good to me!!!

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