Underground tunnel fire in JHB CBD

Let’s get the latest on the underground tunnel fire in the Johannesburg CBD. We’ve seen dramatic visuals of smoke billowing from manholes. The fire has reportedly tripped two main lines to Central and Selby Substation. City Power Spokesperson Isaac Mangena. #DStv403


  1. Good work, lads👏🏻👌🏻
    Privatise the roads, pipes and cables. When govt lays the cables, they leak.

  2. Phenomenal scenes of the selfless firefighters. Well done to the whole City of Johannesburg EMS department!

  3. The corruption of the public servants and incompetence of politicians will be the death of us all.🤦‍♂

  4. Well done guys. Now we see the lack of maintenance for years. Johannesburg is falling apart. Good luck to the new mayor to fix this city.

  5. Fire fighters – unsung heroes!! Under equipped and probably under paid too, yet they carry on regardless. THANKS!!

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