The booming CBD craze, explained

This marijuana extract is everywhere. But does it work?

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Cannabidiol is having a moment. Increasingly common state legalization and loose federal regulation means that anyone in any state can go online or to a physical store and buy CBD products — from oils to dog treats to bath bombs — without fear of arrest. It’s been shown to help treat a number of conditions including psychosis, anxiety, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy and seizures. For years, people have used medical marijuana to address those conditions — but CBD is showing promise as a possible way to get the benefits of medical cannabis without getting high.

Here’s the catch: Most of the CBD products that have trickled down to the consumer market are poorly labeled and have extremely low doses. Granted, it’s possible that the placebo effect is providing CBD users with tangible benefits. And it’s also possible that low-dose CBD products can act as a form of microdosing, where users take small amounts of a substance to achieve milder or entirely different results than a full dose.

CBD isn’t a scam. It’s a powerful substance with a lot of medical potential. But most of the stuff on the market now probably isn’t worth your time.

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  1. There’s always a strong link between cannabis and mental health issues. Drugging people is no solution to help them with anxiety or
    other problem. That’s what psychotherapy aims to solve.

  2. I was struggling with anxiety and panic one day, so much that I literally ran to a shop, tried 1000mg and Im surprised how quickly gives long lasting mental clarity

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    CBD has so many benefits! It's just crucial to verify the purity before purchasing… if it's too cheap, it's probably not pure. After a lot of research, I found Nuvita CBD to be the best of the best. It's organic, pure, woman-owned, and donates profits. You can check their posted 3rd party lab tests to verify purity.

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  5. YOU have to work with your own issues. cbd is just another "miracle cure" to try and fast track inner growth – if you don't try to solve your own inner problems, no amount of cbd or other stuff can – it's just a placebo that soothes your inner wounds, but, they continue to exist underneath. don't believe me? try to not take it and see, lol. it's not a cure, it's a soother, an escape. an easy lath, but such "cure" is not a cure because its effect is not permanent.

  6. So how do we know which products, brands, companies are the ones telling the truth? like how can we be sure that the product actually contains what it says ?

  7. Why the fk is cbd and thc legal in states and federally illegal? Perfect example of how the government works. Pharmaceuticals lobbying government. Cannabis wont be legal until negotiations with the government $$$ are good. Don’t be fkin naive people. This is the time to listen to the experts and science and let them educate us all. Study cannabis and report to the public. Lots of countries legalizing this and you can’t hide the truth anymore America! This will go down in history as the biggest lie the government has ever done. Next would be the corona virus.

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    💯 % real people is trying and the results are awesome!

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  9. Idk man i tried one of those cbd vape juice yesterday for the first time and i noticed i was more relaxed, happy and content. And i have not felt those in a while

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