Should I Use CBD Oil? What is it?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is becoming increasingly popular for use in the treatment of arthritic pain. The surgeons discuss the use of CBD oil. It can be ingested or applied topically. There is little evidence available in the literature regarding efficacy at this point, however, more studies are being performed. The risk of addiction appears to be low. Anecdotally there appears to be some benefit for some people when using CBD oil in the treatment of arthritic pain.

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  1. You two are awesome! I'm in the beginning stages of some type of arthritis and recently purchased cbd oil and cream. I'm scared to death of making an appointment to find out what I'm dealing with – when I do, I hope I find someone like you two.

  2. I use CBD oil and I haven’t gotten a headache since using it. I hardly use pain relief anymore. My anxiety reduces when I use it, and it helps me to calm down a lot. I would recommend it to anyone

  3. I live in Australia and the medical community here is starting to understand that all of us that experience chronic pain would try anything for relief as long as it's safe, and I can happily report that my doctor steered me to a particular company for my chronic facet joint degeneration and arthritis. (Most of their docs and nurses at this CBD company are from Canada!!) They were thorough with tele-health appointments and call backs and are available pretty much anytime.

    Using CBD oil at bedtime I have been able to reduce my night time Tramadol dose from 400mg to 250mg over several months and I sleep better than I ever have and no longer wake 5 or 6 times a night in pain and trying to find a comfortable position. I am hoping to get completely off the Tramadol but I have to take baby steps. And the high cost of CBD products is ridiculous and frustrates me considering we have virtually free healthcare and prescriptions, and my gov is happy for me to be prescribed and pay for my opiates (I also take Jurnista for daytime relief) but not for CBD oil and other medicinal products. I'm 64 and I love your channel.

  4. I will answer the question you two asked. First, I am 56 years old and due to my career in the United States Marine Corp I have things like a intramedullary nail and pins and screws that hold me together. Pain has been a fact of life since my discharge. The prescriptions I was given left me with little desire to do anything other than sleep and slobber on myself. I will tell you that CBD is NOT a pain killer unlike prescription meds. CBD is a pain Manager, I still hurt with the use of CBD. I can still function and do things like drive and be active. I know long term use of pain killers destroy you liver and you build up immunity. Not to mention what they do to my digestive system. Speaking for myself CBD Oil takes the edge off the pain and that is what I need to be active and sleep well.

  5. Appreciate you guys so much! I have been rescheduled for hip replacement surgery twice now for Covid related issues.  I use CBD topicals to reduce the daily pain. Works very well! Thanks for your efforts !!

  6. I'm a former RN (in the U.S.), and was put on permanent disability due to Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue/Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was very leery about adding CBD to my medication regime, so approached my doctor about it. I decided to give it a try, but felt I needed to be sure to get it from a place that provides third party lab testing. I use the tincture under the tongue vs capsules, topicals or gummies… supposedly under the tongue is more effective.When I saw your video on difficulty sleeping after knee replacements – I immediately thought CBD might be worth asking one's doctor about (depending on other medications/supplements being taken). I say this because I had tremendous positive results with my own sleep. I went from getting a broken up 2-3hrs sleep per night for maybe 4 days in a row, to sleeping 6+ hours per night almost every night. It also does not make me feel 'snowed' or like I've been hit by a truck when I wake up. It's been a blessing for me. If I get any relief of my pain, it is only slight. Everyone is different though! I thank you for mentioning this, but since CBD is not regulated (at least in the U.S.), I definitely suggest buying from a reputable place that again….provides third part lab testing. Thanks for all of your videos!! It's appreciated!! 👍 🤗

  7. Always great info thanks for your time. I have OA and I asked my doc about cod oil and he said he couldn’t stop me, but doesn’t really want me to take it. Thanks for the info

  8. I Have tried over the counter CBD oil I felt like it didn't helped me . It was pricey from the witch doctor (vitamin store) . My Oncologist thought it might help me with my digestive issues after my 2 surgeries . Being a commercial driver license holder Was worried about popping positive on a random are DOT physical test. so I quit taking it. You guys are great . Since I hit the big 60 y'all are always talking about me lol.

  9. i have fibromyalgia with painful symptoms iam 32 years old and thr doctors did not help me until now and i don’t now what cbd can help me with fibromyalgia i can’t choose any cbd and no one can help me with that 🥺😢
    i’m from toronto canada 🇨🇦 4 years painful symptoms 🥺🥺🥺

  10. Thanks for the laughter (best medicine!)(placebo).
    I've been on prescribed CBD for 7+years. It helps.
    Maybe docs could discuss Placebo itself in a holistic sense of mind over matter? Like docs of old used to say, "It's all in your head"?
    But, it's almost like the Tin Man squeaking out "oil can! oil can!" with CBD oil. Like getting the lube, oil, filter for your car.

  11. The isolation of CBD is but a legal artifice. Its marketing, a commercial artifice. Cannabis is to be consumed whole, as nature intended. Guess what… Marijuana is loaded with CBD and a whole lot of other good stuff you're missing out on.

  12. I'm going to go with it works somewhat. I notice I only take opioid pain pills when cbd is unavailable like on the job. I prefer full spectrum thc/cbd. I have been on pain drugs for over 25 years so my pain and I know each other well. Really freaky times to be a pain patient… docs look at you like you have horns and eat purple people. One doc says you are drug seeking… well duh ain't here to buy a car. Another insists I have not taken tramadol for 20 some years (patented before I was born). So… I see the attraction of cbd in that it can be purchased without a permission slip. Only thing I really abuse is tylenol which I sometimes over take… liver holding up so far. NSAIDS really suck in that they work one day and return extra pain the next… gee thanks. So options and none perfect… life being cruel there. Beyond pain the cleaning of blood vessel plaque looks super exciting. I watched a relative die of alzheimer's so it has my attention. Studies in Israel.. a couple of them.

  13. You two are the bomb! I appreciate everything about you, your personalities, your wisdom and your wit. What's not to like. You two and physical therapists Bob and Brad are my two favorite YouTube channels. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to make these wonderful videos. Knowledge is power. Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

  14. I tried CBD for my chronic pain and arthritis a few years ago.
    I found it was nothing more than snake oil. Cost me over 300 bucks for 150 mg.
    I don't recommend. Is a placebo.

  15. I have RA and PsA and CBD does help take the edge off the pain. It also helps me to get a good night’s sleep. I buy it online from a place in Colorado and I believe it is legal in all states. And yes, it is expensive.

  16. So, how do I know that I am getting high quality CBD oil? Does increased price equate to increased effectiveness? Will a $20 bottle work as well as a $120 bottle? I have arthritis in both my knee and ankle due to a misalignment of a fracture from a motorcycle accident at 16 (am now 69). I have been taking CBD for @ a year now as I am trying to stave off two joint replacements but need pain control for daily living/movement. Any advice would be helpful, thanks.

  17. My great grandfather was a doctor and my family had a lot of his tools of the trade. One piece was a leather bound pill case with various pill bottles in it and one of them was labeled "Canabis Sativa". In it were little green pills. In the 1960's, my brothers and sister of course thought that was very cool. I just wish he was alive so I could ask him what he used it for. I guess I'll have to try and Google what Canabis Sativa was used for in pre-1900 medicine. The problem I have with CBD oil and the multitude of products that are sold legally today is they portend that they can cure or help almost anything and people believe it just because they say so. I think it is a bit of snake oil salesmanship. I'm not convinced. I think it's a lot of placebo affect.

  18. It has helped me a lot! I bought CBD lotion at Walgreens. I’ve tried Voltaren, Blue Emu, Icy Hot, Australian Dream, and Aspercream. I have ITBand Syndrome, NOT caused from running. I have the 750mg lotion and will buy the stronger one next time. This was the strongest at Walgreens. Good luck everyone! Thanks Docs, as always!!

  19. Your humorous take on somewhat serious surgeries etc is enjoyable &/amazing when you are tired …lol….some people are unconscious even without anesthetic….just saying…A good laugh is the best medicine

  20. Hi Docs, I didn't think you were high unless you can be high on being a doctor. I have written to you s couple of times from the UK following my hip replacement and I wondered what your opinion would be about starting to use my excersise bike (with no tension to start). It is now 5 weeks since the op and I am able to walk about 2 miles with 2 crutches or I can walk the dog for about a mile with 1 crutch but this gets a bit sore. Thanks.

  21. My husband takes CBD oil daily and it has been incredible for his hand arthritis. However it does nothing for his arthritis in his spine. He buys it in the government controlled store (British Columbia) and it costs $100.00 per month. It has been incredibly helpful for his finger joints. Some of our friends have found the same results. Great for hand and finger stiffness but not so much for the larger joint pain. Love your show. I’m learning lots.

  22. Any oil inhaled is like an allergy multiplier and lung irritant .I an a asthmatic, off all meds for 20 years. Inhale lots of dust doing yard work. Does not affect me much.

  23. I feel the skin care and balms are nice quality, from the couple I’ve tried, but throwing your money away if you really believe it’s going to help your pain or arthritis. The gummies for sleep did nothing for me either but were $60 a bottle. Only 2 mg of melatonin which probably would help lol.

  24. I've never tried cbd but thought about it for arthritis. Good info guy's thanks so much.
    I nick named you guy's after the ice-cream.
    The Nutty Buddies. 😅
    Don't you worry what other's say.
    I love how you guy's give good information and have a sense of humor. Keep it up !

  25. Well good morning doctors I said previously that I would keep you updated on my surgery situation.

    Tomorrow January the 4th I have a my pre-op appointment at 9:00 in the morning….
    My knee surgery is scheduled for January the 12th still waiting on a Time to be there….

    Postup will be January the 25th….

    Physical therapy will be starting right after the knee replacement.

    They'll get me up and walk me around after the anesthesia completely wears off…

    During pre-op I'll tell whoever I see whether it be the doctor for his assistance which need to do first…… They're both bad and they give out a lot now; and I can feel the bone on bone movement…. The right one hurts on the inside of the right knee.
    And the left one hurts on the inside of the left knee. And they both hurt behind the knee.

    My knees have been giving out so much now that I lose my balance; I'm counting the days I can't wait to have this done.

    Waiting some 6 months out then they'll do the other one.

    Once I recover from both knees replacement surgery.

    I'm getting me a passport and come down to Canada and Hope to meet you both and show you my battle….
    Four and a half years of trying to have this done… who says the VA ain't part of the military it's all about hurry up and wait….

    I guess I'll show you my real battle scars?
    No pun intended or is there???👍
    Keep up your awesome work.

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