Operation Dudula on a 'clean up' mission in the Joburg CBD

Operation Dudula continues its ‘clean up’ operation in the Joburg CBD. Organisers claim their move is aimed at removing undocumented foreign traders and drug dealers in communities. eNCA’s Nqobile Madlala is in the CBD with the latest. Courtesy #DStv403


  1. United we develop divided we fall what these people doing is to help white monopoly capital to conquer good enough we dont have this nonsense in East Africa we United but if this guy coming with agenda of spreading hatred becz is having money with his selfish ignorance xenophobic mentality n misleading people thats wrong

  2. Im from East africa but this mother fx to this mother fx country but u ll never develop as black people is gonna end up like Zimbabwe killing people cheesing from this country will never solve your problem just teach your people to create jobs to keep jobes to be creative to copy others but if u think if someone leave ull take thay opportunity to take his sweat becz after of laiziness it wasn't salve any problem in Africa just unite Africa like now in East Africa what they r doing

  3. This man dudula is like Hitler that's how Hitler started it then genocide hate speech is bad,if this man is not contain this will not end well after other country has gave u freedom u won't even be here talking man killing the same people who gave u freedom ungrateful idiots

  4. Harassing immigrants!!This is complete nonsense n barbaric .Where in this world you cannot find immigrants,can someone tell me?This is Thugs rule.How about all these south Africans citizens who are immigrants living outside south Africa? What will be their fate if the world do the same to them?Enough is Enough.Too much of one thing is good for nothing

  5. This is a complete shamble to the government of south Africa .I will suggest The people of south Africa must have a brand new government to rule the country in the right way n not by these thugs here n there in the wrong way.A new south Africa is the only way.

  6. Unfair black South Africa are so much racist against foreigners what i know before back of years 2006 to 2009 it was lot of foreigners were operates at secuty industry company's since first xenophobia most of foreigners starts invest at education to change a where to bring income today now you will not see foreigners at that such industrial. our country's truck's carrying bust every single day into South Africa because here there's lot of infrastructure industrial that could implement work for everyone who leave at South Africa. .. We also sick and tired of making us look small because of white people betrayed our country

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