Operation Dudula continues its 'clean up' operation in the Joburg CBD

Operation Dudula continues its ‘clean up’ operation in the Joburg CBD. Organisers claim their move is aimed at removing undocumented foreign traders and drug dealers in communities. eNCA’s Nqobile Madlala is in the CBD with the latest. Courtesy #DStv403


  1. I was in support of these people but I want to understand, did Jan van riebeck have a passport when coming here to plunder. Did Europe respect the kingdoms they found here when they came with their mission to harvest our crop, no, yet their bastards are still here benefiting directly from their ancestors crimes. But go for poor blacks who have come here due to ANC failure to empower its people.

  2. Pls stop operation dudula and start operation petrol, this government want to keep you busy, so they can increase petrol price very very high, pls I m beging you, pls think about petrol now n country economy forget everything

  3. People have the right , to defend their country from the foreign government of SA and useless home affairs.

  4. I agree with this operation because it's not fair that some South Africans are restricted from working in certain industries when they travel to other countries on the continent but when the immigrants of those countries come to SA they're practically allowed have to any kind of career they want. If you want South Africans to open up to your people tell the government of the countries you come from give the same privilege when South Africans want to work in your countries as well.

  5. We wouldn't have a problem with employing immigrants if the south africans we already have just wanted to work or be passionate about their work. it's very sad

  6. why are immigrants not allowed to work in south africa, are you people dumb, it's your government that is the problem not the people in the country. there is more that enough opportunity in South africa to create jobs for all but due to corruption this is impossible, go to your leaders houses and demand from them there. Fighting hawkers will do nothing

  7. Can't South Africans open their own businesses in South Africa? Instead of looking for jobs, start creating them

  8. It good idea this operation, we are against for looting and xenophobia ,don't forget they are many south African company in others country like here in my country last xenophobia we saw many foreigner die in south Africa, people also in my country loot all shop of south african and repressed them it was bad experience we are African, we must respect the low if you are foreigner in other country special all foreigner respect low in south Africa

  9. Amen. they must go back to their countries and fix them. south africa for south africans!!!!!!!!

  10. The Grievances of Operation Dubula are very Fare and legitimate.

    To be realistic, With the Rate of 65% Youth Unemployment in the Country.There is currently no Space for Foreign Nationals in the none Special Skills Fields.

    Therefore Dudula postion of 100% South African is Understandable.( Let the Children First be fed).

    Every Country has enough resources to Create job Creation Conditions for its Citizens. The Problem is Corruption.

  11. white supremist happy as they see this…as they are busy with the minerals and farming in the velds and mountains, while blacks are busy in cities

  12. It’s going to get worse simply because they will be no jobs unless you create your own. You discover after five years from now many companies who you are harassing would have moved elsewhere on continent or outside the continent!
    As much as you may want think you are smart and building for fellow citizens, in a you are a total foolish person who has insight into the future!
    Encourage your fellow citizens to look for work and not think about the Grant always!!

  13. This is unfair for legal foreigners. We have brothers and sisters working abroad, should they be fired to come back to South Africa 🇿🇦. Very unfair Dudula, very unfair 😢.


  15. Go fix your own Countries!
    Operation Dudula keep up the good work! South Africa for South Africans.

  16. Go fix your own Countries!
    Operation Dudula keep up the good work! South Africa for South Africans.

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