MYSTIC Strain Experience with Mountain Flowers Hemp | CBD Hemp Flower Review

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  1. Hi bro… i’m from italy and fortunatelly we have access to high cbd flowers… how can i choose a flower based on my preferences? I’d like a clear headed, euphoric non drowsy/sleepy effect…

  2. I was waiting for you to do an update on them! I grabbed the last batch of Nepalese Tonic and got a gram sample of Carolina Sowwah. The NT was amazing, but the Sowwah is in its own league. They killed it with that strain.

  3. Could you do a top 10 taste like cannabis episode. I had lemon octane from Fern valley farms doesn't taste like cannabis I've had half a dozen flavors from some company called hhemp company. Still doesn't taste like cannabis. So I was hoping you could. Tell us the top 10 that taste like weed not wood not oranges not raspberries just hashy tasting weed… Trying to go CBD during the day get more done. But I can't find anything that competes with what I got at night

  4. So just found your channel
    Awesome pics
    I live in Baytown Texas
    I’m a disabled veteran
    Vape flower to help with this Things
    I have one question
    Who or what company of hemp cbd or cbg would you recommend? I’ve tried a few companies but I always find it dry old looking gross feel nothing really.
    Thank you for any info or any company you can direct me to help me with stuff sometimes thc a bit much that’s me
    Anyways take care and thanks 🙏🏽

  5. Vernaular quite descriptive and on point. Make mf go out and buy errrthang when your reviews are positive of course. Think I wanna get the first one you tried. Those nugs look amazing too! You rock these reviews bruh!

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