My Honest Experience with CBD for Anxiety | Does CBD work?

My honest experience with CBD for anxiety | Does CBD Work?

In this video you’ll see my honest experience with CBD oil for anxiety for 30 days in a video-dairy format. My anxiety has been pretty high in the past few months, so when I was approached by Dollar A Day CBD on Instagram to try and review their product, I was excited since I’ve heard so much about the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. I wasn’t paid for this review and even though I got it for free this is my 100% honest experience, watch until the end if you’re not convinced: you’ll see that my anxiety did not magically disappear, but I saw some benefits from using cbd.

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00:00 Intro
01:00 What is CBD
01:24 My goal for this month
02:10 Day 1
04:18 Week 1 Overview
06:01 Week 2 Overview
07:02 But I also had bad days…
09:00 Overall thoughts

As promised, here are some links to information about CBD:

What is CBD: 

CBD vs. THC: 

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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  1. Hi guys, thanks for watching! I really hope you enjoyed the video. I debated whether to include the last clip, but decided to do it anyways because the most important thing for me on this channel is to be honest with you about my thoughts and experiences. I personally think showing our struggles on social media (rather than just the best moments) can bring people together and make them realize they’re not alone and sometimes that can bring a lot of comfort. So, if this video was useful to even just one of you, it’s all worth it!


    00:00 Intro

    01:00 What is CBD

    01:24 My goal for this month

    02:10 Day 1

    04:18 Week 1 Overview

    06:01 Week 2 Overview

    07:02 But I also had bad days…

    09:00 Overall thoughts

  2. For me mediation and 5-HTP puts some filter on, I am not numb but okey, also liked John's Wort capsules. Magnesium before bed 1-3 capsules puts me into deep sleep and I feel so sleepy on next day… I dont like that after effect. Dr. Bach flower essence therapy helps with almost every mental issue. And master way to get rid of anxiety( = overtihnking) is to read and practice Eckhart Tolle " The Power of now" – healing the root cause.

  3. You should smoke it, out of a bowl (not joint). It's cheaper and you get so much more effect. Because these tinctures…they are not going straight to your blood and they don't stay in your system that long.

    One hit from a bowl is about 10mg. You get about 5 hits from a bowl. That is 50mg.
    A bowl is about .3 grams so you get about 46 bowls from a half ounce of flower. Half ounce is ~$50
    50*46= 2300mg CBD for ~$50

    While one full dropper of tincture is about 15-30mg depending on strength and can cost 50 dollars for even 30 droppers. Which is 500-1000mg total usually.

    So with flower you're getting 2-5 times ( possibly 5-10 times because of the resonation in the fat cells of the body from smoking it ) the amount for the same price. I think it's so much more expensive because people hate the smoke…but you're getting kind of ripped off.

    I'll be honest, if I had the money, I'd use tinctures but just a lot more. But I of course do not have the money to spend probably 200 a month on CBD which is what I'd need for my weight and how bad my anxiety gets.

  4. I understand how you must feel dear 🌠i experience anxiety regarding work sometimes with my clients being so grumpy and mean. Nurse co – workers trying to steal my clients contracts from me and sabotage me at work. When the co-workers say i got your back, let me know if i can help? Do not listen to that fakeness🤨 They are only pretending and they do not want you to progress. Be careful not to let haters make you miserable…hemp tremendously improved my anxieties and I'm calmer and more joyful and small things doesn't make me upset😁Go Hemp oil

  5. Any chance your bad day happened within a week of your period? I just saw that the video was posted quite awhile ago but you might want to track that.

  6. Thank you for sharing your authentic experience. I’ve found CBD so helpful for my anxiety too, probably even more than the antidepressants that I’ve been taking. I hope you’re keeping well & your job is not getting you down too much! Take care 💚

  7. Thank you so much for this I will definitely try cbd Oil. My anxiety has been so bad recently I cant even go out with out having panic attacks. I plan on getting some tomorrow!

  8. I'm a Patients with autoimmune diseases(relapsing polychondritis) patient living in Korea.

    I was told CBD oil could help cure my illness.. But I don't know which product is good

    It would be very helpful if an expert recommended it.

    My English is poor, but I'm desperate.

  9. Great video! I treid cbd from eden's herbals and it worked wonders for my anxiety but think it does vary from person to person. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  10. There is not one single potion, oil, supplement or drug on this planet that can save you from making necessary changes in your life. I had a burnout and suffer from depression, and while I quit my job and leave old baggage behind, cbd can help to stabilize and ground yourself mentally/emotionally for your next chapter in life. But every hope to take cbd or anything else, and go on with the circumstances that are not in alignment with your true self and path, will lead to disappointment. Thats just not how life works.

  11. Very encouraging to hear your story. Fab cbd has been great for me! I use it 2 times a day. Cbd oil and Jesus Christ are the only things that help with my social anxiety. I encourage you to ask Jesus Christ for help as well. Blessings!

  12. Hello there! I am just trying to find information about making reviews of CBD oils If it is banned or It can be done just with restrictions like there can be no seller links etc.

    Thank you for your answer!

  13. well seriously, a review should include ingredients (hemp seed is useless) it needs to be oil from the plant/flower else it is a scam. There are lots of scam products out there. Also, real companies publish independent 3rd party lab reports. 1 dollar a day is impossible for a real, potent product to produce. Either it is severely watered down and/or a scam product. Real companies, e..g.. Orange Country, Blessed CBD, Love hemp, etc etc. 50 dollars a bottle, 3td party lab reports are the real ones.

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