Let's Give FLOW GARDENS Another Try.. No Micro Nugs This Time! | CBD Hemp Flower Review

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  1. Would love to see a strawberry cheesecake review from flow!
    Also gotta get a top cola 9 strain sampler on the channel! I’ve been more impressed with top colas offerings this year than really any other vendor! Would love to hear your take on it!

  2. Thanks Shabazz. Good review and pretty flower. Looking forward to that Dream Land Organics review if they ever send you anything. ✌

  3. U should try out Jaxon wellness. Review one of the hemp smalls that are like $30 and ounce and maybe try the 3 pounds for $99

  4. I ordered two ounces and an eighth from them previously and it was all tiny as well, I don't mind smalls but the price I paid for them was rediculous

  5. When you grind, you lose a lot of the trichs to kief and that’s why smalls are a treat in the vape my man! You get the whole plant medicine, the way Mother Nature intended! 🥰
    Cheers again Shabazz! Stay safe brother! ✌️❤️

  6. Great review definitely going to try them out. Also have you tried WNC the cbd dominant banana Mac yet if so how did you like it

  7. Elli-hou has the non delta 8 cant find anyone that has done it and im curious about it all i can find is videos with delta 8

  8. The only complaint I've ever heard or read about is paying full price and receiving popcorn nugs. I want to try their preroll flight.

  9. Would like to see you review Top Cola's flower, they grow Flow genetics. I think their Blueberry muffin is better than Flow's.

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