1. So how do u take it and how much? Do u put like 10 drops of oil under your tongue? Or eat a bunch of capsules or gummies….been really wanting to try it for sleep/anxiety and substance abuse. Just not sure how to go about it….

  2. CBD and our Copper1 is the new revolution to weight loss and focus…super boost your immune system and ATP!!!! @jefrosbotanicals

  3. Cbd helped me walk again to I was losing feeling in my left leg from a lower back and hip injury from a car accident so I started smoking CBD for the pain cuz I refused to take pain prescriptions 💯💪🏾 CBD works for real

  4. Give Hempful Farms a try if you haven't already. Their CBD oil has been the most effective ones I have ever tried before. The owners are also amazing people.

  5. Im having trouble figuring out if cbd does anything…iv tried gummies and vape. I didn't notice anything different.

  6. Hate living in the uk you can’t get any with thc in it 🤦🏽‍♂️ my mother has crohns and it would help her so much

  7. I got a ton of cbd bud lemon haze and bubba kush

    Bubba Kush ain’t tried

    it should be legal everywhere it’s a few beers or wines

  8. 'None of them smoke weed' [talking about 'these old folks'] – You have read about the '60s have you sonny? Anyone toking in the '60s and still alive is a weed smoker. It's just that we have medical problems like chronic pain and glaucoma now to treat with it. Plenty of today's tokers are past 80 and still truckin!

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