1. So how do u take it and how much? Do u put like 10 drops of oil under your tongue? Or eat a bunch of capsules or gummies….been really wanting to try it for sleep/anxiety and substance abuse. Just not sure how to go about it….

  2. Cbd helped me walk again to I was losing feeling in my left leg from a lower back and hip injury from a car accident so I started smoking CBD for the pain cuz I refused to take pain prescriptions 💯💪🏾 CBD works for real

  3. 'None of them smoke weed' [talking about 'these old folks'] – You have read about the '60s have you sonny? Anyone toking in the '60s and still alive is a weed smoker. It's just that we have medical problems like chronic pain and glaucoma now to treat with it. Plenty of today's tokers are past 80 and still truckin!

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