Is It Okay for Christians to Use CBD Oil? – Your Questions, Honest Answers

I’m having difficulty with the issue of marijuana and CBD oil. My daughter and I have gotten into disagreements over the issue. I’ve always known marijuana to be a bad/illegal/immoral thing. Yet, with the legalization of marijuana in more and more states, it’s harder and harder to argue against it. I know little about its non-high version, CBD, but because I relate it to marijuana, I think it’s bad too. Is it a compromise as a Christian to accept CBD as alternative medicine?

Hear Pat Robertson tackle the tough questions on “Your Questions, Honest Answers”.

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  2. I used to suffer from BPD which they say is no cure, I healed myself with mushrooms

    Now I just use marijuana as a mood stabilizer or my past comes back to haunt me and I have unbearable nightmares..

    I made the decision to quit smoking it and drink it in tea

  3. I recently started smoking cbd…i asked God what he thought about it..He gave me a dream i was in a cbd shop looking at different of the strains was called "killing the grace"…dissappointed but i knew what he was trying to say..
    Use of these types of things are labeled as "sorcery" in the Bible

  4. That’s something ppl should pray to God about. I feel as believers in God we shouldn’t rely/depend on outside sources God should be our main and first choice. Our faith / deliverance comes by faith trusting and believing that’s our healings already done.

  5. Says the man who gave a false Prophesy regarding 2020 elections. 🤦‍♂️ People if you need CBD, just jump on it and see how you react. It does not get you stoned like THC. See more videos on the subject. PERIOD.

  6. I am Christian and have been using cbd flower, I smoke it,it has calmed my anxiety, lifted my depression, brought back my appetite, makes me calm and happy and helps alot with my degenerative disc disease pain,cbd doesn't give you a psychoactive high like marijuana does.

  7. Didn't even take 5min to research. But it's bad? In what way does it negativity affect the lungs? Or any body part for that matter? Speaking from ignorance. Clearly says He gave us all seed bearing plants..and He said that it was good. Wild b/c most ppl are on some form of pharmaceutical that causes they're body harm…but cannabis, the harmless plant gets the "bad" label. Smh

  8. My problem isn't CBD or small amounts of THC, my problem is supporting dispensaries and an industry that has a hand in helping other people sin and misuse the medicine that cannabis can be when used appropriately. I do a CBD heavy RSO (hardly any THC) and it helps me with various hormonal issues and pain. But to get it I need to source from places that sell drugs to people who usually get high.

    I don't care if other Christians look down on me (I use kratom too occasionally, judge away) because I know I don't get high and it doesn't hinder my relationship with God. If you work toward depriving suffering people a natural medicine, YOU are actually sinning by being unloving and harsh. The Bible says to judge rightly (Paul told Timothy to drink a little wine for his stomach, although drunkenness is wrong, it's the same principle). Anyone who would rip a plant from the hands of responsible people in pain is sinning, not the person attempting to better their lives. People are conditioned to detest and fear weed, when in reality there are ways to use it without it being psychoactive.

    My problem is how do I get the medicine I need that helps me (more than pharmaceuticals) in a way that doesn't enable others or take part in sin?

  9. I would like to pose a thought to consider.
    There was a story of a man who fell over a cliff and was holding on to a limb to keep from falling to his death. So he called out to God, "God if you are real please rescue me"….then he heard a voice say "let go of the limb"….then he said "is there anyone else up there that can rescue me?".
    You can look at this 2 ways…… if God says let go of something then obedience is what saves you….or if you asked God to help you with your debilitating nerve pain and along comes a CBD/thc oil that can mitigate the pain…then you have to follow your faith level.
    If you are facing suicidal thoughts because of chronic pain that torments your very soul, and God has not brought healing or if regular medicine cannot help, …..ask yourself could you live in a body with constant pain with no relief.????

  10. I’m a Christian women that loves God and I’m still seeking if it’s wrong to use marijuana I believe in my opinion I don’t see CBD use as bad people use this as a medicine to calm the pain and body aches to calm people headaches and etc …..But THC is different I think when you smile marijuana trying to get buzzed and high that I don’t see at so right to use marijuana to get silly and high but that’s my opinions still seeking if it’s right or wrong to use that ….

  11. Yes it is ok for us Christians to take CBD OIL, it's a natural plant and it's much Mach much better than being high on optiods day in and day out!! If we are in pain or have inflammation that nothing else will take away we need GODS NATURAL PLANTS FOR OUR HEALTH AND RELIEF!! Get thee behind me Satan! In the name of JESUS🙏

  12. The problem is a person may just start then you realize hey I need something more and stronger and end up addicted to weed. As Christians, just be wise, you don't always need a 700 CLUB answer but a God answer. Just remember SATAN is always lurking about, SEEKING who he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8. They will legalize it all, but does that make it right with God? Nope.

  13. God made a mistake! That's why the plant He made is illegal. Nevermind God giving Moses "Kaneh Bosem" , for the incense for the Temple…which was cannabis. Yep, God isn't perfect and makes mistakes.

  14. This is the reason I left Christianity, I don't think any Pastor can tell you what to do or take, people fail to realize that 'Pastors are not God' they will tell you what you should not do…And they would be the very one doing IT! People only we know what we experience…

  15. It's so unfortunate for all of us that Hemp was pooled into the likes of marijuana when all along it's not even the same plant, nor does it bear the same likeness of it's psychoactive counterpart. Two completely different plants, with two completely different personalities and characteristics. The marijuana is the female cannabis and the hemp is the male. Hemp is much richer in CBD, (cannabidiol) with an extremely small amount of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis). With marijuana, it's totally the other way around. The leaves look nearly identical, but if you were to see the mature plants side by side, growing together in a field, you'd be able to tell the difference immediately. One is super tall, the other shorter and bushy.
    Thankfully, with the change in legislation and the Farm Bill, people, including doctors and state legislatures are slowly learning the truth about the differences between these two plants. People are being allowed to remember and know once again that hemp was once commonly known across the world for centuries of its medicinal properties, hundreds of textiles and industrial uses. That is until Big Pharma saw an opportunity to squelch a highly favorable natural remedy, use our own legal system to dumb down society of its effectiveness and to not only take advantage of but even create its own opportunity to line their pockets with this country's insurance dollars by pushing their drugs in its place.
    So before anyone tries to answer questions about hemp/CBD and marijuana, they need to look in the history books, learn the differences between the two and discover what our Forefathers once knew about it. And with today's technology, you'll come to understand that there's so much more to the wonders that God put into this remarkable plant called Hemp and that the marijuana, with its mind-altering effects, doesn't even compare.

  16. Someone I know has a rare autoimmune disease. Traditional drugs to fix it did not work, he got an extreme allergic reaction. Now, he can only treat it with pharmaceutical grade vitamins and baby aspirin. The nausea controlled by Zofran, which causes headaches. Occasional Marajuana use during his episodes of extreme nausea prevents him from constantly throwing up..which in turn, prevents fluid loss and damage to his esophagus and throat. Marajuana, used occasionally only when needed causes zero side effects. No allergic reactions. CBD oil, before dinner, also helps aid digestion and relaxes muscles not just on the outer skeleton, but also inside, like with digestion. Good digestion means better absorption of vitamins. Also, this effect then helps him stay strong, which then leads to a better quality of life. His family suffers when he suffers. So, the CBD oil and occasional Marajuana use cannot be, not if it’s used medicinally. My opinion.

  17. Where are the comments?? CBD ANDD THC are literally fine. Moderation is key and becoming stronger in avoiding temptation while using marijuana makes you feel even closer to God and his incarnate son the christ. Things like LSD and Mushrooms are also beneficial to mental health and learning in smalllllll doses only after you pray to God for protection and peace. Things like DMT, Meth, crack, pills, and alcohol are all HORRIBLE for the human body and mind. They push the 7 deadly sins on you..

  18. Here the question to ask your self it no different then a Dr writing out a prescription for all the different kinds opioids for pain the people are becoming addicted to you and it eventually kills them where is the CBD oil is not addictive and it's helping people with chronic pain. We all know we are to keep are temple clean witch are are body's but we put bad harmful things in it everyday. Just built eating right I a big one. Alcohol kills more people then I have ever seen marijuana kill anyone.

  19. This is a very uninformed reply.

    CBD ought not have THC in it (the "high" component in marijuana).

    THC/marijuana can be consumed in other forms than smoking (because smoking is bad, no matter what you're smoking), like dissolved (the THC that is) in butter and baked into cookies. This does away with the bad for your lungs argument.

    Marijuana is bad for you, but so are opiod painkillers. The opiod crisis is rampant in America, and bashing on marijuana seems very much out of proportions.

    Marijuana is addictive, but far less than tobacco or opiods, maybe even less than alcohol. It does influence you, as do opiods, nicotine and alcohol, so even if used, don't do marijuana and drive.

    As marijuana seems to be a very effective painkiller in some situations, it is very effective in late stage cancer treatment, with less negative effects on your health or wellbeing than opiods or morphine, as far as I know it is not curative either.

    Summarized: saying marijuana is bad, period. Is only valid if you say the same about any painkiller, otherwise, accept that it does have it's uses.

  20. I don’t view CBD as bad bc it has healing properties to it and also helps people with stress & depression. A lot of prescription medicines such as opioids aren’t helping people, but killing them.

  21. Read your U.S. Constitution, and Bibles a little better folks. You are brainwsshed to think its bad. IF God wanted the THC removed it wouldn't be there. You have ABSOLUTELY no clue what your talking about, having never used it, yet you're telling people how bad it is…?!?!?! Y'all are doing the Devils handiwork, I'm sure he's very pleased…

  22. Jesus healed the blind with Kaneh Bosom, are you people serious or what…cannabis IS a medicine handed down by God himself. You people are not men of God, thinking you have a right to take away what he gave US. You people don't know squat about this plant, or the Constitution. And get yourselves an old Hebrew Bible b4 the freemasons removed Kaneh for the purpose of greed and control…!!! Do y'all work directly for the Rothschild federal reserve bank MOB….??? Or indirectly..???

  23. In a Hebrew Bible EXODUS 30:23– Kaneh Bosom is cannabis. Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; Genesis 1:29 God US EVERY seed bearing plant across the face of the entire Earth. Thus plant prohibition of ANY kind is in fact a violation of our 1st amendment rights. GOOD DAY.

  24. I actually just finished a teaching seminar about CBD oil. CBD oil does carry small traces of THC. Hemp oil may too but you have to do your research. With CBD oil you only get about 20% of the benefits per dose cuz oil doesn’t absorb into the blood stream. Make sure it’s from a pure source and cut with water so it absorbs into your system more. I know Evolv is top of the line! And when you buy any of their products they feed kids. They are the Tom Shoes of Nutrition. Pretty cool! They have lots of resources over there. Check it out if you want to get educated.

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