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This video is intended for people aged 18 and over and isn’t made as a promotion to encourage the sale of any products in this video. This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes.


  1. Question: Isn't CBD supposedly restraining the amound of THC received, furthermore the amount of "high" you receive ?

    I mean that if you mix it, as you encouraged us to do, you're technically downgrading your "flight". CBD blocks THC receptors. Am i wrong?

    I haven't tested it yet but i'm gonna do it soon.

    Any comments from people who tested it? Did you fancy mixing it than having pure thc? Was it something "new", and if yes, how would you describe it?

    I don't mean to be rude sir! I adore your work and i'm just looking for some answers. If you have them, please enlighten me!

    PS! I've never tried CBD products before!

  2. can I put ice rocks in my dry herb vape like regular weed? or is it sticky and will it mess up my vape or is ice rock different than moon rock

  3. i just got myself a few grams of cbd flower, from 4% to 35%. the 35% is ice moonrock. what should i expect?
    always enjoyed to smoke weed, but after a few years started to affect my mental health as i had a problems before with anxiety, paranoia, they said i had personality disorder. Looking foward to try CBD flower as is legal and widely avaiable here in portugal, wanna taste shelf quality flower, relax a lil bit without those highs who always leave stressed out next few days when i stop and totaly ruins my sleep schedule, my wife also has been suffering from a lot of back pain cuz she works at a desk and i hope this help her too.

  4. Bro your crazy mixing part of 1 of those ice rocks to flower like that, please bare in mind I'm more than likely to be just as bad maybe we can do a video together sometime

  5. I ordered some Popcorn nugs from them and they arrived super fast.. so far the feel, smell, quality and taste are FAR BETTER than the ones I’ve been getting from Hempelf! I do enjoy hempelfs concentrates. Who can complain at 8g for £35 on the cbd flower shop🙂. Going to try ice rocks soon. Your videos convinced me to try them out, so thank you 🙂

  6. CBD flower shop is too expensive, I get stuff from Just Bob and it’s less than half the price and a quality product 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Tops tips clart, education is sorely lacking in this country and providing new users with products and vaporiser info means more harm reduction across the board compared to combustion mechanisms of delivery too. Big hangover from the draw and baccy days. Now I got to spend the family Christmas funds on these gems…….

  8. Haven’t tried cbd yet but was wondering if it smells of weed when it’s smoked and how strong a smell it is and what’s the best percentage to start of with?

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