1. ,This is not anti- vaccine protest. Vaccines and vaccine mandates are two entirely different things. and notice no violence ? may be because the police didn't shoot at them this time or cap spray them, and when is novavax coming, not this mRNA crap sack Dan Andrews

  2. My opinion that these people have no evidence of real ground to say that vaccination is harmful. They speak only about their rights, but not about their responcibilites as citizens of this country. This is very dissapointing.

  3. Сатанистам ни горячо ни холодно от подобных овечьих "протестов " до следующей посадки послушных овечек в локдаун.

  4. Thank goodness Centerlink is about to start making job searching compulsory again. Then most of these guys wont have time to protest. Well the ones cheating the NDIS will 😂😂😂

  5. Dan Andrews is not only guilty of crimes against humanity he is also denying the people of their Sovereignty which no one has that authority to do so and any laws created without a referendum are invalid. Sovereignty is the body endowed with supreme authority". In Australia, the people are the rulers and have the highest authority in the land, not governments or any other so called authority. Parliaments granting themselves authority, the ineffectiveness of Royal assent and breaking down of the separation of powers are very closely linked. Parliaments granting themselves Sovereignty was one of the major concerns that our forefathers had during the build up towards federation. This is of enormous concern to the people of Australia and has created Democratic Dictatorship… Treason is a crime and people can make a citizens arrest. Arrest Dan Andrews…

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