How To Make CBD Cookies

Michelle Rabin of Mom Jeans Provisions stopped by the MUNCHIES test kitchen to make her signature CBD cookies: chewy chocolate chip cookies laced with CBD oil, swirls of Nutella, and crunchy pretzel bits.

This relaxing sweet treat will give you “a warm bath feeling,” but choose to make it without the CBD oil and you’ve still got yourself one of the best cookie recipes that’s ever left this kitchen. Topped with flaky Maldon sea salt, these cookies are crisp on the outside, gooey on the inside, and as close to cookie perfection as you can get.

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  1. Putting pretzels in cookies … is the kind of genius that humans can only tap into with the help of CBD / THC 🤣

  2. Hey, I really like this cbd cookie recipe, we are also getting a vegan version developed, will let you guys know when it is ready!

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