Healthcare Experts Debunk 11 CBD Myths | Debunked

Integrative cannabis physician June Chin and biomedical researcher Chanda Macias join us to debunk 11 myths about CBD. They debunk the myths that CBD gets you high, CBD and marijuana are the same thing, and CBD is addictive. They also dive deep into how not all CBD are the same, what to look for to ensure you have high quality CBD, and how to not fall for CBD marketing schemes.

Macias is the CEO of Ilera Holistic Healthcare, founder/CEO of National Holistic Healing Center, and vice chair of the National Cannabis Roundtable. She has over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry working towards delivering affordable cannabis healthcare options through strategic partnerships. Read more about her work here:

Chin is an integrative cannabis physician at MedLeafRx with over 15 years of treating children and adults. She specializes in osteopathic manipulative medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, and medical cannabis. Chin is also the co-author of “Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness.” Read more about her work here:

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Cannabis Healthcare Experts Debunk 11 CBD Myths