Does CBD really work?

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  1. Where does the thought that "natural" products have to be "harmless" originate from? Opium is also natural and it can make you stop breathing. hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, lye etc are also natural and deadly (or at least very very harmful) if not used properly.

  2. Absolutely fascinating take on you did with this topic and video. I be appreciate if you answer this questions or make video to clear this for everyone. 1/ by using essential would it help improve focus and learning ability. 2 heard the side effect are skin irritation/kidney problems/ addiction. Can you clear this rumors for me ?

  3. I have pretty crippling anxiety, depression, and OCD. It's to the point where my doctor said if it were a physical disability, he could get me on disability but since it's a mental disability the government doesn't take it too seriously. The medicine I've been prescribed but don't really take is extremely strong stuff, with a fairly good chance of causing early onset dementia and Alzheimer' (by early my doctor told me like mid 40s). So yeah CBD might not be the perfect thing, but fatty liver is treatable and lifelong mental decline is not. If it will help me be able to hold down a job, I might discuss this with my doctor. Thanks.

  4. CBD alone has never worked for me (or anyone I know.) I’ve always had to to have at least a little THC as well for any kind of pain or anxiety relief, personally. I think all the CBD based stuff you find out there now is just a cash grab played on people who can’t or don’t want the psychoactive affects of THC, but still need the medicinal properties.

  5. i will stick with injecting 1.5 x 8mg dilaudid pills every 3 hours 24/7….i had spinal tumors cancer and have titanium rods and a ring in my upper spine cause the tumors/cancer ate the top 3 vertebrae below my neck on my top back 70% each

  6. I live with constant pain from multiple serious injuries unless I take ibuprofen or naproxen daily. I tried CBD out of curiosity. Nothing but increasing pain. Ibuprofen and Naproxen cost about 3 dollars per month. CBD is very expensive for no relief. However, where I live, homeopathic bullshit is popular. So are mediums and fortune tellers. But don't underestimate the power of the mind. For those who have pain with no physiological trauma, the suggestion of a cure can be a cure.

  7. Many studies have confirmed the safety of orally-ingested cannabidiol. Regulated & daily consumption of CBD across a range of typical retail products and serving sizes is not associated with elevated liver tests, low testosterone levels, or daytime drowsiness.

  8. I'd always wondered how the unregulated companies could make their claims regarding the CBD mg quantity in their products and yet they can't.

    The rats 👎👎😐😑😐😑😐

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