Darkness Lurks: Dahmer Review | Six Bodies Found in Joburg CBD

We are living in perilous times, where is feels like darkness lurks around every corner.
The controversial Dahmer series on Netflix has received much success on the streaming platform but we seem to have a Dahmer character (serial killer) right here in Johannesburg South Africa, after it police discovered six decomposed bodies at a building in Joburg CBD, after someone reported that a foul stench was coming from the building.

We also discuss how many people, especially women are reporting to feel unsafe using taxi services like Bolt and Uber.

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  1. How much does original sin play into what makes a serial killer. There are many people who practice taxidermy that never become serial killers… just an observation. You don't have to teach a child to lie. And if David says we were sinful from the womb… doesn't it follow that that's the case for us all? Maybe at varying degrees… but it isn't just external influences. There are parents who did a great job and have serial killer kids… we all have freedom of choice.

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