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Travis Turner, CEO, HZB and Noah Cook, President, HZB LA, talk about converting CBD to THC and the implications of the farm bill combined with the tens of thousands of acres of high CBD industrial hemp being planted around the country.

Cyclization – where a molecule of CBD oil, aka cannabidiol, under certain sets of conditions, can be coaxed to forming an entirely different chemical compound – THC, one of the psychotropic chemicals in marijuana. Organic synthesis – the art of converting one organic (3) molecule into another by one or more chemical reactions.

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  1. Just buy normal weed from your local plug fuck all this lab converting bullshit that BARELY get you high. I think this mild high you get is from CBD. And because CBD has the effect to lower anxiety a tiny bit, people immediately started making up shit like “oh its marijuana light”. No, it’s just CBD.

  2. Hello, believe it or not, I had a bad trip with CBD. I have read that cbd can be converted to THC when ingested. I took a large dose because I am insomniac either: 3 capsules of 20mg + a herbal tea of ​​2g of flowers dosed at 18% cbd. 1 hour later I was high, hot all over my body, red eyes, I no longer felt my body the impression of being everywhere … the effects lasted 4 hours and made me anxious, the next day I was still not well because I didn't hadn't slept. It was 2x more potent than the joints I smoked when I was young!

    I found few studies which speak of cbd converted into thc but it is not unrecognized, the cause would be a hypersecretion of gastric liquid in the stomach … to be confirmed, in any case my experience is real and the products consumed are certified 0.2% thc…

  3. So, can someone explain to me why take this convoluted route rather than growing some TRUE AFGHANICA and just harvest straight up Delta-9 THC resin? Why are we trying to compete with what nature does best? Obviously government wants legal weed to be the analouge of processed wheat…not the full spectrum product in its natural ratios, but rather a unidimensional and semisynthetic one. It's no secret that legal weed is inferior in many aspects to the hybrids being produced pre 2014. You can't expect to have fibrous leaning plants to produce the richness in resin and terpene content that woody plants do.Obviously from a producers point of view its better to grow these hemp and rudderalis leaning hybrids cause they are less energy intensive grown indoors and less environmental controls grown outdoors. Now to top it up the norm is most legal weed is nothing but hemp sprayed with distillate. The legalization movement took advantage of a generational shift to normalize this trend for the up and coming millennial consumer. Those of us who have been smoking since the 90's know what's up. So glad I moved out of the PNW, which is ground zero for this sham. I can finally smoke real 90 day tree of Afghan lineage.

  4. It’s not true that you can just do chemical conversions on a legal product and think that the resulting reaction is automatically legal – all the precursors to methamphetamine are legal but once you systhetically change those precursors it falls on the illegal side of the law – synthetically converted thc is still illegal thc under the federal laws

  5. This is crazy because I went to local hemp shop in wi and asked about delta 8 because where I live cannabis high in delta 9 thc is illegal medical and recreational but because of the law with hemp here we can sell cbd and delta 9 thc has to be 0.03%. But because they can take cbd and convert it into delta 8 thc, it’s totally legal to sell it in a concentrated form. Anyways it’s pretty much the same as delta 9 but I can tell a little difference just on the potency between the two. And seems like delta 8 starts to wear off after 25/30 min where delta 9 can last up to 90 min for me. So with all this conversions I don’t see why they don’t just legalize all cannabinoids because cbd can basically be shipped anywhere and if laws change where delta 8 now becomes illegal people will just start converting it them self’s and sell it off the black market.

  6. It's called an acid catalyzed cyclization; the terminal ally group double bond becomes protonated by an acid which results in a positive charge on the tertiary carbon, next the lone electrons on the closest -OH phenol group conduct a nucleophilic attack on the positively charged carbon resulting in a positive charge on the phenol group, finally the the phenol ground is deprontonated to give a ground state ether oxygen as part of a newly formed six member ring.

  7. This is not a difficult thing to do even at a large scale. Even to get a large ratio of delta 9 to delta 8. It is simple, hire a synthetic organic chemist, maybe even me if you would like. These are silly sales guys who are incompetent.

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