1. Sir please ye Bata di jiya ,Meri mom ki gall bladder ki report ye hai " multiple calculi are seen inside gb lumen , largest measure 8.4 mm . CBD is prominant-10 mm . No calculus scene.

  2. cbd is 7.7mm with distal cbd calculus of 5 mm with intrahepatic biliary radicles….iska kya matlab hai.
    mujhe baht jyada pain ho rha h

  3. Sir I'm ur new subscriber frm Sikkim …In my ultrasound report my CBD is 5.5mm is ka matlab mera bile duct ma stone ha kya? In 2016 ma Mera gall bladder stone ka operation ho chuka ha..

  4. Sir ultrasound report ma a likha hua ha kiya matlab ha plzz reply 👇👇
    The CBD is 4.5mm in caliber & the visualized part of the CBD looks echofree..

  5. Hello sir , meri kuch din pehle ultrasound hui thi usme CBD 2.5mm aaya hai .? Iska kya ilaz hai mujhe pain bhi hota hai

  6. My cbd bile duct is 5mm but 2 year before i operated gall bladder stone and my gall bladder absent so how to create my cbd duct please clear

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