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CBD Nation, a new documentary from director David Jakubovic, examines the real research and evidence surrounding one of the safest, most therapeutically active medicines known to humanity.

The documentary features the world’s leading experts in the field of cannabis scientific research, and follows the emotional stories of several patients who bravely took control of their own medical journeys – often in the face of powerful resistance – to significantly improve their quality of life.

Over the last several decades, the US government quietly published numerous studies and reports revealing cannabis to be a safe, non-addictive, effective treatment for depression, nausea, tumor reduction, glaucoma, opiate withdrawals, epileptic seizures, and many other conditions. In 1999 the U.S Department of Health filed patent number 6,630,507 for the use of compounds found inside the cannabis plant as a potential treatment for many medical conditions. The patent focuses frequently on CBD.

CBD Nation is not a movie about weed. It’s not a movie about stoners. It’s not a movie about hippies.

It’s a movie about science. The mind blowing, fascinating science of medical cannabis.

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  1. It is definetly a human rights issue, as i live in a country where it's still clsssified as an illegal substance. Since 7 years i've been struggling with depression. I was first put on a very strong antidepressant which after first consumption i started vomiting. The doctor told me after i told her about the vomiting that its a common side effect of the medication and that is should continue with its consumption. Whenever i missed a pill of it just for a few hours i would become dizzy and disoriented. It didn't help with my illness at all after 1 year of consumption. During the time i was taking it i had my first contact with cannabis. I was out with friends and unfortunately had too much which resulted in an unpleasant experience. When i went home i still had some leftover bud from the meeting with my friends as they couldn't carry it home. I read on the internet that it could potentially help with my illness so i give it another try and this time took lower dosage. After about 10-20 minutes i was feeling the effects for the first time in my life and instantly felt better. My mood was starting to get better and i could feel its benefits. I decided to keep taking it. Over the weeks to follow i was getting better and better. As i told my doctor about the positive experience. She looked at me like she would look at a junkie and told me that this is really bad for me and that i should stop and continue to take the antidepressant. I was furious and a few weeks later told her that i will stop taking the antidepressant by slowly reducing the dosage until i dont take it anymore and start with a cannabis therapy on my own. I had no idea how to do it and went online to find doctors that perscribe it. My search was unlucky unfortunately. There were only a few doctors that perscribe it and they were fully booked for months on end.

    Until this day i have yet to find a doctor to perscribe it to me legally.

  2. Truly wish tx would under stand this.i dont go out because if the cell phones flashing kicking my flash backs ' along side smells of my minds eye on over load ! Want to own my own Security business in Tx. I dont come from money. I am stuck driveing a big rig and not dealing well with having to be shoved full on to crap small class c drivers and the displacement on own well being. I just want to lock my self in a room . my ptsd is real !

  3. Thank you Radient Technologies for helping me treat my arthritis with CBD. Helps with inflammation and, as a result, the pain is gone. I am able to run and ride again♥️

  4. Cannabis is the most versatile plant on the planet. No other plant can cure hundreds of different conditions and also be used to make clothes, bio plastic, bricks, rope, fuel, food, milk, skin products and many more things. You can literally feed the planet and cure illness with plant then use the left over stalks for other industries. I believe that this plant could save the planet if legalised globally. Cannabis is in bible for holy anointing oil and is the burning Bush moses spoke to but the changed the name kaneh bosom in to a sugar cane as a lie. The government were the ones that wanted people smoking ultra high thc strains and they provided the modified seeds all around the world and ship it in. Fact america is the biggest drug dealer in the world and the bushes were running things for years and made cannabis look bad. I used to be a stoner and those ultra high thc strains just make you feel dumb but add some CBd and everything changes as that's how the plant is meant to be in the wild. Amsterdam growers are also one of the reasons cannabis got a bad rep as they made cannabis so strong that people look like there on heroin after a good few bongs and they can barely stand. Hollywood uses propaganda to make cannabis look bad with shitty stoner movies and the characters always act dumb and low IQ like.

  5. Fantastic trailer! May I make one suggestion, if it's not too late to do so. Have you considered dedicating this documentary to Charlotte Figi, the one who helped kick off the movement to explore CBD, Marijuana, and Cannabis as viable medical treatments? She passed away on April 7th due to COVID-19. It may already be too late into the production cycle, but it would also be a fitting dedication to the girl who helped bring us to where CBD is today.

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