CBD is now Legal in Australia – But what is CBD? – What does it do? Is it worth the hype?

In this video we demystify CBD and explore the 6 major benefits that have the most supporting data. These benefits include CBD’s potential to assist with:

1. Pain Relief
2. Anxiety and Depression
3. Cancer related symptoms
4. Acne
5. Neuroprotection
6. Sleep

I also share my own personal take on CBD after experimenting with it on myself and gathering feedback from other users. Finally we finish up by walking through some of the types of products that have been seen on the market (mostly from the U.S.). To date there are no specific products approved by the TGA in Australia so it may be a little while before its “main stream” and seen in chemists as the TGA article references. However it’s worth noting it is now legal and will able to be obtained without prescription.

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Here are links to the articles and studies I gathered information from: