CBD for Dogs and Cats: Top 5 New Treatments

CBD for Dogs and Cats Webinar
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Dr Jones shows you the top 5 new treatments using CBD (cannabidiol) for dogs and cats.
1. Allergies
2. Bone Healing
3. Anti-viral (COVID-19)
4. Urinary Tract Disease/Incontinence
5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

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  1. I think my orange tabby (Leo) is idiopathic. He is aggressive with my three cats . . one is a geriatric cat who is 13 years old. Leo can be extremely sweet but then turn on a dime. He does not bite my other cats though. He just wrestles them and has pulled fur and a few whiskers out. One night out of the blue . . .just before Leo fell asleep, Leo jumps out of his bed onto my cat's neck who was sound asleep. Leo left No punctures but scared my cat and I. He has done that twice already. Leo watches and sometimes bothers my cats when they are using the kitty litter box. I tried to play with him as much as possible but then he turns around and goes to attack them. He looks like an Arabian Mau. But I'm not positive. I rescued him from from the streets when he was about four months old. I am losing sleep because I'm always stressed out over this. My vet wants to put him on antidepressants. Do You think CBD oil may help him? I put a cat Thunder vest on him when I go to work so he doesn't aggravate my other cats while I'm away. He stays very calm with it on. I love your tutorials and I usually post them onto Facebook. Thanks! Oh . . in the past I used the Feliway multi cat diffuser and that didn't really work.

  2. Whats a good cbd oil brand for anxiety? Im having a hard time leaving my pooch alone at home when i need to do my errands, he would squeal and howling every time 😣

  3. I thank you for making this video! I own a small CBD store and we are in a massive snowbird community with a lot of travelers. One of the best things for gaining business for us was to cater to travelers with pets. Once they saw the difference in their travel companions they would come back to get stuff for their own aches and pains. I am about to dig through all your cancer videos. We think our old rescue boxer may have cancer.

  4. I have a 19lb mixed senior dog who has myoclonic jerks and I actually bought your CBD oil for my cat, but can this be used for this condition, as well?

  5. Is cbd okay to use to help calm my dogs separation anxiety? Whenever I’m not home he tends to bark a lot. Wakes up my grandparents. As I work overnight

  6. My Royal Poodle, Guinness, is approximately 68lbs, how much would I give him to off set extreme "stranger anxiety" as during a veterinary exam & shots?

  7. I am at a loss for where I should buy it or which ones are manufactured with quality standards. Any ideas? I just read a comment from someone who mentioned you sell it. I’ll do that!

  8. Thank you for your compassion for animals and for all you do to share with us the help you do.
    I have a 13 year old dog that has been on Heart medication for 3 years plus gastritis and He just got diagnosed with beginning of Kidney disease. The vet put him on a prescription diet of kibble and canned food he hates.
    I had made your dog food for dogs with digestive issues but he was not wanting to eat much of anything the last 3 or 4 months. Now he's on an appetite stimulate so he's hungry but I am looking for something better to feed him.
    But my veterinarian said that we are not wanting j
    Him to have protein?
    I have found other foods online that are homemade type and most grains and supplements where you then add your own protein and oils.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  9. I used it quite often to help with my cat's vomit. But she really dislike the taste of it….once she liked the CBD treat but not any more~

  10. I give my 13 year old boy two drops of CBD oil in his dinner. He has no issues except being slow on walks and more tired at his age. CBD has a large amount of benefits and it can only help him.

  11. Been busy but just signed up for webinar. Hope a space is available. Scared for my 16 -1/2 yr senior.
    Clear discharge from nose, reverse sneezing. Antibiotics worked but after stopping returned a week later.
    Now on antibiotics again and will be having cbc & xrays to see if candidate for anesthesia. Suspect
    bad tooth. Using cbd, oil of oregano in carrier to rub on gums. Stressful…emotionally and financially.

  12. Perfect! I was just starting to research CBD for my 10yr old chihuahua (chiclet), I trust you 100% Dr Jones and have shared your channel with everyone with pets 😀
    You are a huge blessing to the world 🌎 THANK YOU 💋

  13. Thanks for the video on how to get out matted cat fur from 3 years ago, the cbd oil and coconut oil worked wonders in tandem. Glad to see you’re still uploading helpful pet content & thanks for saving me the money I was gonna put towards a groomer.

  14. I have a question is it safe to burn bay leaves in the home with pets? I guess it has a natural relaxing element for humans is The same for pets? Love your channel🥰🥰🥰🥰👍

  15. Hi! There is no way for me to download your book. I have tried several times since last year without success. I like to know if there is an easier way. I am frustrated!!

  16. My dogs back feet are dark and look like they have hard lumpy boils on them. She licks and chews on them all the time. The vet gave her a shot to stop her from chewing her feet but she is not healing. I don't trust the vet. She wants to give the shot monthly but she won't let me watch them actually give the shot. I feel like they are lying to me… the first shot worked… she didn't chew but every shot after she hasn't stopped chewing. I'm at my wits end with these vets who lie and steal my money. I started giving Gretel CBD oil and it helps calm her down and she sleeps a lot but her feet are not healing. She's over 14 yrs. This isn't a part of being old is it?

  17. I was hoping CBD benefits for arthritis would have been discussed. My 12 year old GSD has arthritis in his hips and I'm trying to convince the minister of finance (the wife) to get some CBD for him!

  18. Didn’t you tell us that putting drops on gums is the best way? I’m changing to putting it on my finger. Easier.

  19. I just ordered 2 more bottles of your CBD oil for my cats. 😊 My senior Silver Persian Attila has never minded going to the groomer but recently has become more sensitized to the experience and starts over-grooming leaving his fur in patches. I usually groom him myself which he is okay with but after having back surgery several months ago, I needed some help with his grooming. I've been giving him Rescue Remedy which works well but I want to get CBD into him as it works a bit better to calm him more. In the past it has helped my other pets with nausea and anxiety. Thank you Dr. Jones! 🥰😺🦮

  20. ◘One of the best videos I've seen regarding the subject, excellent explanation and very relevant information, it was just what I was looking for, thank you, I hope you continue uploading content, you have my support

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