1. Also agree that cannabis should be illegal. I can't take it personally because I have severe anxiety and it makes it worse but that's the responsibility of the individual to decide whether or not it's for them, not the government. Policing cannabis is a waste of time and money, and if legalized, would probably be good for the economy!

  2. Know what you mean about liver salts. Taste of childhood that ends badly 😂
    A mate's got bad skin and swears by CBD body lotions- I sort of assumed they'd be a placebo but I don't suppose it matters. Did the CBD relax you or anything?

  3. Most of these cbd products are just marketing ploys if you want the benefits of cbd just smoke. Legalise the herb

  4. Cbd is good for everything my anxiety levels are basically kept at bay when i use cbd I vape mine but cbd in anything is 👍

  5. I would love a 3 hour long video of June and Dave potentially having a certain kind of magic brownie and watch the conversation flow 😂

  6. I hope weed gets to be legal there soon. And the rest of the US states too. It's an amazing plant. Unlike booze.

  7. I've bought CBD oil with 10,000 mg of CBD and it was pretty useless. I can't even imagine how pointless 50mg is. Honestly CBD is a scam in my opinion.

  8. Cannabis should be legalised as it's medicinal benefits far outweigh the negative aspects. This country needs to get with the times as our archaic, outdated drug laws as they do more harm than good in my opinion mate. Oh, and yeah that Sainsburys is bloody massive.

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