Best CBD Oil, CBD Salve, CBD Soft Gels and Topicals for Perimenopause and Menopaus

For those who are in the NYC area, we are having a live, in-person event!
Mastering Menopause: Ways To Thrive Naturally
Thursday, May 12, 2022
The Hub
109 East 31st Street, NYC
presented by Commons and Modern Aging

Dr. June Chin, Integrative Cannabis Physician
Tina Tang, Strength Training Fitness Coach
Risa Morimoto, Founder+CEO, Modern Aging
Tahira Rehmattulah, Co-founder+CEO, Commons

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Interested in trying out some of these CBD products?

Commons (my faves – gummies + salve)
20% off first purchase. Code: MODERNAGING

Kyoto Botanicals (my faves – CBD oil and tinctures)

25% off first purchase. Code: MODERNAGING

Marvel Roots (my fave – salve)

Planetarie (my fave – soft gels and topicals)


Joy Organics (my fave – bath bomb and massage oil)


Quim (my fave – everyday oil for vaginal health)

Treaty (my fave – CBD oil and tinctures)

Come and be social with us!
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  1. Grateful for info about alternative medicines. This is one of those, the more you know, the better off you are.

  2. I was hoping to be drawn in with why I would want to use CBD for this stage of my life. The product sales pitch make me shut it off.

  3. I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer at 38. I went from having regular cycles (even trying for a second baby) to cancer and a full hysterectomy and went directly into surgical menopause in under a year. Unfortunately, I cannot take any bioidentical hormones (the more natural route) because of my cancer that I’m still fighting. I appreciate this video. I am trying to find more natural alternatives to alleviate symptoms. CBD has always been beneficial. It’s nice to see a video of some new brands I can try. Thank you 🥰

  4. Do you use CBD to help with your perimenopause symptoms? If so, what? Share below!

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