APPLE REFRESH! Apple Watch Series 1 Screen and Battery Replacement | Sydney CBD Repair Centre

Apple Watch Series 1 case repair is a very niche thing. You can’t see much online or your online repair shop about a frequent need to do Apple Watch Series 1 case repair. This component is rarely damaged but very crucial in the main functions of your Apple Watch Series 1: it’s health functions. The case contains the sensors and other devices that will allow you to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. If this component is broken, you’ll need an Apple Watch Series 1 case repair immediately. More problems include charging issues because the magnetic charger will not be able to interface directly to the charging part embedded within the Apple Watch Series 1.

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We offer professional, guaranteed, and same day case replacement on Apple Watch Series 1. You can visit our shop or you can send us your smartphone for repair if you’re outside Sydney, Australia.

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Suite 201, Level 2, 661 George St, Haymarket, NSW 2000

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