Actor Tommy Chong talks increase in CBD and marijuana demand

Grammy winning actor and comedian Tommy Chong discusses the rise in demand for CBD, THC and hemp products.
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  1. Just read your story : ) Amazing science

    Dupont couldn't sell nylon rope to type makers that he hemp, then against the pleasing of the American Medical Association they caused a prohibition, they AMA wrote to Congress not to ban out it was good for 26 ailments, but then new treatments hit the shelves

    Uncle Sam would have never rolled you, that was the non government Thomas Jefferson instructed our country to "throw off"

  2. Just like ayahuaska is a medicine. So happy that people are finally understanding all of mother nature's gifts to the world!
    Believe me, Big Pharma will do ANYTHING, to stop people from knowing this – remember that!
    Holistic medicine is the way to go 👍 Thank you Tommy🙏❤

  3. In Georgia ,, can I order??Please let me Atlanta , Chattanooga Tennessee they sale some oil , but it doesn't help let me know thank you sativa, sweet dreams

  4. Stop calling it ‘marijuana’ already! That’s a slang term made up by the government propaganda machine and is rooted in racism…it’s CANNABIS, Chong!

  5. As the mother of an 8 year old 3xs cancer survivor im a huge fan of the rick Simpson oil (and of course tommy man)!

    The cbd products sold at your corner/liquor store are NOT the same and shouldn't be in same category.

    Green is good!

  6. Be careful not all these “cbd” products are legit and actually “cbd” look at the label carefully and if it doesn’t say “full spectrum” then it’s just straight HEMP SEED OIL which is literally for cooking

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