5 Common CBD Vaping Mistakes

Common CBD vaping mistakes to watch out for are covered in this video. Vape and Juice TV look at the top 5 mistakes for CBD newbies.

1. Working out the Concentration of CBD Vape | 0:12
2. CBD vape vs Hemp | 0:40
3. How to vape CBD | 1:03
4. CBD Vape vs CBD oil | 1:27
BONUS. Can I add nicotine to CBD vape juice? | 2.00
5. What’s the best CBD vape kit? | 2.15

Are you considering using CBD, or just heard about CBD and want a little guidance and advice? then give this video a listen. At Vape and Juice, we have seen the rapid growth of the legal cannabis space in the UK. This sector is dominated with CBD based products. CBD is the non-psychoactive element taken from the hemp plant. Unlike THC which is what famously gets you high, CBD is said to have a number of properties that could be beneficial for users.

These potential properties are:

– Anti inflammation
– Anti anxiety
– Free radical fighting
– Aids sleep

CBD in the UK is still a hot topic, as the research is not deep enough to show long term benefits or results, so we do advise that we cannot indicate it has medicinal benefits.

We hope that you find this top 5 video on common CBD vaping mistakes useful and if you have any questions relating to CBD please send them over to us in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more CBD videos at Vape and Juice TV. CBD e-liquid and legal weed kit reviews.

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  1. I go with a pod kit cos apparently those big vape things burn far too high temp so don't work correctly anyways…….is that true or bs??? Pls let me know thanks 😊

  2. Cheaper to just buy weed, off kids too. I have some here now and its crap tastes crap too. I quit weed last week and the cbd vape doesnt even help night sweats so isnt doing anything. Or THC withdrawal is causing the night sweats last time i did this it took 6wks to stop the night sweats. Thats the only bs thing about quitting weed. But this feels like pretending to be a pot head lol. Like kid smokers who dont inhale but they know they look cool pretending to smoke.

  3. no official studies have been conducted to prove that mixing nicotine with CBD counteract the effects. but I can understand how the intensity of a nicotine rush can make users not notice the effects of CBD, but the effects are still there. its like putting your hand super warm water for a few minutes, any other water you touch will feel very cold to you, even if others may not find it cold. same logic with CBD effects, seen as they are not psychedelics.

  4. I use CBD with nicotine in the same pod and it works great for me and it makes me not feel sick from the nicotine buzz but I know that is not the case for everyone

  5. I can confirm that the CBD e-liquid will run out of the inhale holes, is there a way to fix that? I already bought the device and can't return it; I don't want to get stuck with something and not use it.

  6. I got a thing(start kit) called DISQ/DISC and it says CBD 300mg, and NT WT: 1ML. IDK if it means 30% CBD? Since you said "250mg for 10ml = 2.5%"??
    Also how much is safe to smoke for a normal person at least.

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